Before you begin

  1. Charge any electronic devices you will need while on assignment

  2. Do your pre-research

  3. Know your rights

On Assignment

  1. Arrive 10-15 minutes early (though uncommon, you may need to show ID or pass through security)

  2. Sit so you can see and hear the speakers within the designated seating area

  3. Silence your mobile device

  4. Gather any documents distributed at the meeting to reference and include with your assignment submission

  5. Sign up for public meeting-related newsletters and listerv in Chicago by emailing . In Cleveland, email . In Detroit, email . In Minneapolis, email . In Atlanta, email . In Omaha, email . In Fresno, email .

  6. Do not engage directly in public comment sessions while on assignment

  7. Need to introduce yourself to attendees or committee members? Refer to the back of your Documenters ID card for a handy conversation-starter

Assignment Tips and Information


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