Finding Your Elected Representatives

Chicago City Council

The City of Chicago is divided into fifty legislative districts, called wards. Each ward is represented by an alderman who is elected by their constituency to serve a four-year term. In addition to representing the interests of their ward residents, together the 50 aldermen make up the Chicago City Council, which serves as the legislative branch of government of the City of Chicago.

The council’s 19 standing committees work with individual departments to review proposed ordinances, resolutions and orders before they are voted on by the full council. The City Council votes on all proposed loans, grants, bond issues, land acquisitions and sales, zoning changes, traffic control issues, mayoral appointees and other financial appropriations.

Finding your representative

Your Illinois representatives can be found by navigating to the Chicago Board of Elections website.

Type in your address to see listings for your local alderman, state officials and federal representatives, including office address, phone number and official website for each.