Creating Topic Tags

Topic tags are words and short phrases below that relate directly to your notes and issues raised at your assigned event. These are the search terms people can use to more easily search for information your notes.

Assignment Requirements

  • Type your topic in the text box. Existing tags will appear in a drop-down list. Click on an existing tag to select it or click on Create “[TOPIC]” to turn it into a new tag.
    • Tags can be:
    • —>Names (Format: Title First Name Last Name, i.e. “Chief Tim Evans”
    • —>Proper nouns (“Chicago Cultural Center,” “Fisher Building”)
    • —>Neighborhoods (“Englewood,” “Corktown”)
    • —>Themes (“police,” “education,” “water”)
  • Include 5-10 unabbreviated topic tags in your submission checklist.


  1. Think of topic tags as keywords.
  2. Tagged words should appear in your notes or be closely related to words in your notes.
  3. When in doubt, add a topic tag.